Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dinner Meeting -- or Just Dinner?

Over a dinner meeting, Ash and I were able to discuss our future plans for SCProductions and the direction in which we would like to take this small company that could...

As we are still planning our yet untitled 'Teal Dear' project, we have been discussing other upcoming adventures involving: public city buses; pool hall burnouts; Jonas Brothers concerts; and strange, tail-less, scruffy cat-lemur animals. Just sayin'...

Anyway, during our cozy lil dinner, a truck drove by the restaurant. A dog was sticking its head outside the passenger window and was resting its paw on the side-view mirror.

Wow, some meeting...

Kevin Jonas < Joe Jonas
Joe Jonas = Burnin' Up!
Therefore, Kevin = Frozen Up

Ok, ok, clearly this meeting was just a meal. No content of professional-ness (ha!) here at all! We will be finishing up our business with Tealy though in the near future and word of newer projects will be floating about for public discussion. Don't lose hope! We have pictures, poems, short films, and more on your way! Hang in there while we perfect the details...

Updates soon!
SCP Crew

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Twitter Account


We now have a Twitter account, so you can follow us on Twitter and see what we're doing day-to-day.

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